Maine Photographer


Fiddleheads Fiddleheads black sketch Stanchfield Farms fiddleheads on red sketch pen collage sketch pen green
Fiddleheads         Fiddleheads black      Stanchfield Farms         fiddleheads on red         fiddlehead collage         fiddlehead green        

The photos in this image gallery were taken by Maine professional travel & stock photographer Michele Stapleton for a magazine story on Stanchfield Farms, a family farm in Milo, Maine. Stanchfield Farms produces a complete line of pickles, relish, jams, jellies, barbecue and marinade for wholesale, retail and mail order. To obtain a photo for personal use or to license stock photography for publication, contact photographer Michele Stapleton. To obtain more information on Stanchfield Farms or to place an order for their products, consult their web site.

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